Rad Ranger's Radical Radcast (w/Ryan)

Rad Ranger's Radical Radcast (w/Ryan)

Live life RAD!

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    It's Time for DRAGON CON!!

    WE'RE BACK!!! Rad Ranger, Ryan Cadaver, and Battle Cougar (Nicole) talk about what they'll be doing at Dragon Con 2017.

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    Days of the Dead 2017

    Ryan Cadaver and Rad Ranger kick off 2017 with the first con of the year: Days of the Dead, Atlanta!

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    Exclusive interview with Jason Cope, from Pure Ed

    Rad Ranger has an exclusive interview with Jason Cope. Jason is the frontman for the modern grunge band Pure Ed from South Carolina. Pure Ed was recently the cover band for Grunge Magazine, and is doing their part to bring soul back to modern music.

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    Haunts 2: Brushy Fork!! - Let's talk (more) HAUNTS!

    This is the second part of my discussion with Ryan Cadaver (Casket Creatures) and the Son of Celluloid, Nathan Hamilton, about the haunt industry.

    Be sure to stay tuned at the very end to hear a few minutes from our late night trip to BRUSHY FORK!

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    Forget Hogan, let's talk HAUNTS!

    The Rad Ranger meets up with Ryan Cadaver (Casket Creatures) and the Son of Celluloid, Nathan Hamilton, to discuss haunted houses. This is the first part of a two part episode.

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    DRKLGHT - Follow Your Light

    Rad Ranger chats with Amy from DRKLGHT Clothing about t-shirts, Halloween, punk music, straight edge, goth, paganism, and all things "positively dreadful."

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